At Polygram we focus on creating bold design and clear communication.

We approach creativity with strong conceptual underpinnings to create unique visual experiences that motivate and inspire. Let’s get started on bringing your ideas to life!

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Our clients include universities, publishing houses, NGO’s, civil society organisations, research units and commercial companies.​


At Open Secrets we tell complex stories about economic crime and human rights abuse. Gaelen has worked with us to develop a visual language which helps explain our words and ideas to a broad public. He is consistent in creating quality work which pushes boundaries and benefits from his skill and creativity. We are proud to collaborate with Gaelen.

Hennie van Vuuren Founding director of Open Secrets and author of "Apartheid Guns and Money"

I have enjoyed working with Gaelen on a number of projects over the last decade. Besides his obvious talent, he's always engaged, thoughtful and adaptable in a manner that makes it easy to problem solve on the go, and get the best out of any brief.

Tau Tavengwa Curator & Editor, Cityscapes Magazine

What makes Gaelen's work exceptional is that he combines superb technical skills with the ability to turn a concept into a striking, appealing and highly memorable visual. It is this creativity and intelligence that makes Gaelen an outstanding designer.

Lucie Cluver Professor of Child and Family Social Work, University of Oxford; Professorial Governing Body Fellow, Nuffield College; Honorary Professor, Department of Psychiatry and Mental Health, University of Cape Town.

We offer a range of design services. With each job, regardless of medium, we work with our partners to create strong design concepts that underscore everything from start to finish. Our empirical approach results in clear communication, distinctive design and happy end-users.

We offer a range of services to help organisations create bold design, strong graphics and a distinct visual character.

We offer comprehensive logo and branding services. Our services include logo design, visual identity creation, typography selection, and more. 

We specialize in designing custom infographics that turn complex information into compelling, easy-to-understand visuals.

Digital Design

We create unique looking website designs, online advertising and newsletter designs for organisations of all sizes.

We provide exceptional book cover and content design for authors and publishers who want their publications to stand out.


At Polygram we use an empirical, first-principles approach to design. This means that we develop well-considered concepts and appropriate design tactics for each project.

We are not shy to question assumptions, reject trend, and constantly ask “why?” to get to the heart of a problem. Combining this with experimentation we’ve been able to create some powerful and unique design solutions for our clients.